About Us

The Article 51A of the Indian Constitution says, ‘It shall be the fundamental duty of every citizen of India to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform.

Building scientific temper among students and common people is call of the hour. People from all walks of life need to join hands to achieve hundred percent scientific literacy in the country. To increase and strengthen people’s participation in science communication movement and to strengthen the movement itself, Tripura State Council for Science & Technology (A constituent organization of the Department of Science, Technology & Environment, Government of Tripura, India) nucleated ‘Science Forum’ in all the districts of Tripura. Every Science Forum is run by volunteers. Science teachers, activists, enthusiasts use this platform to propagate the message of science and eradicate superstition from the society. Tripura State Council for Science & Technology provides necessary infrastructure and minimum fund required to conduct different activities throughout the year. Workshops are organized regularly on various topics of scientific interest to train the activists. With this unique effort of the government, science communication movement in the state has made a big leap. Now it is a movement by the people for the people.

Gomati District Science Forum (GDSF) was formed in November, 2013.There are three sub-division science Forums viz. ‘Udaipur Science Forum’, ‘Amarpur Science Forum’ and ‘Karbook Science Forum’ under Gomati District Science Forum. With this constitutional structure, the forum is trying to working to spread scientific temper among the 4.5 lakhs people spreaded over an area of 1393.11 square km.

Join the movement if you have the courage and will to walk an extra mile to spread Scientific Temper in the society.