Science Fair

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The biggest activity of Science Communication in Tripura is Science Fair. School students from class VI-XII participate in the fair with their Model/Exhibiton a particular Theme/Sub-theme chosen by National Council for Science Museums (NCSM). Selected best Models/Exhibits from District level Science Fair go to State Level and from State Level to Regional Level.Several competitions and science popularization activities are organized during the fair. Gomati District Science Forum actively takes part in the GomatiDistrict Level Science Fair since 2015.

Theme of Science Fair-2016:Science, Technology & Mathematics for Nation Building.                                                                                                                                                                                       


a)      Health

b)      Resource Management         

c)      Industry

d)      Transport and Communication

e)      Innovation in Renewable Resources for sustainable environment 

f)       Innovation in food production and food security 

g)      Mathematical solutions in everyday life.



Students’ Science Seminar

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Every year, Student’s Science Seminar is organized in Tripura jointly by Tripura State Council for Science & Technology and State Council for Educational Research & Training (SCERT). The seminar is organized on a specific theme selected by National Council for Science Museum (NCSM). School students of class VIII to X can participate in the seminar. The winner at the state level, get chance to participate in the National Level Students’ Science Seminar.

Instruction for Participants

  1. School Students Studying from Class VIII to Class X may participate in the Seminar.
  2. English, Bengali, Hindi or any recognized Indian language
  3. The participant shall make his/her presentation on the given topic for a maximum duration of 6 minutes. This will be followed by a 2 minutes Question & Answer session with the judges on the same topic. Each participant will be asked 3 questions by the judges and the participant should answer any 2 of them within 2 minutes. There will be a written aptitude test for all the participants before the Seminar Starts.
  4. Grading will be done by the Judges (3 in numbers) to be selected by the concerned organizing committee.
  5. Allotment of Marks will be as follows:
      1. Scientific Content in Presentation-            40 marks
      2. Fluency in Speech-                                 25 marks
      3. Ability to answer questions
        1. Written aptitude test                   10 marks
        2. Oral Questions                             10 marks
      4. Novelty in use of Visuals                          15 marks                                                              
                                                        Total   100 marks
  6. Supplementary Visuals: The maximum number of supporting visuals / slides / charts etc. permitted per participant is altogether 5 (five only). The details of these are as given below:
  1. Charts / Posters - maximum size permitted is 850 mm (width) x 600 mm (height). All charts / posters are to be mounted one on top of other, as done in a calendar. One side of the chart / poster is considered as one unit. There should be no pop-ups OR
  2. Slides should be of 35 mm format mounted in plastic frame preferably OR
  3. The size of the over-head projector slides should not be more than A4 size, which could be viewed fully when projected OR
  4. Computer based slides Static (Office 2007 .ppsx& .pptx format) without additional features like animation, pop-ups, rollovers, etc. No interaction within one slide is permitted.

Science Drama

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Each year Science Drama Competition among school students is organized in a befitting manner throughout the state. The aim is to use drama as a tool to popularize the message of science. The best drama team of the state take part in the regional level. In 2016, Gomati District Science Forum, jointly with Udaipur Municipal Council, organized the State Level Science Drama Competition at Udaipur Town Hall on 8-9 April.

Instruction for Participants

  1. Science Drama should convey scientific message. Every year particular theme and sub-themes are selected at central level.
  2. Inter School Science Drama Competition is open to the school students of Tripura up-to 10th (Class X) standard only.
  3. The actors/actress for a particular drama should be from the same school among the students, not exceeding 8 in numbers. Identity Card issued by the School to each of the students should be presented to the organizing committee well before performances.   
  4. Minimum duration of the drama should be 20 minutes and maximum of 30 minutes.
  5. Each team will get 10 minutes just before the performance of drama for setting up of the props and other necessary requirements on the stage and will get 5 minutes for dismantling the stage crafts just after performance of the drama.
  6. Required props/tools of the drama should be brought by the concerned drama team. Arrangement of common light & PA system will be done at venue for all. Accompanying technical team/group including Director of Drama should not exceed 3(three).
  7.  The participating school drama team has to submit a copy of script to the organizing committee 1(one) hour before the performance.
  8. From each school 1(only) one team can participate in the District Level.

From each district best 1(one) drama team can participate in the State Level.
From State level only 1(one) drama team will participate in Regional level.




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The Article 51A of the Indian Constitution says, ‘It shall be the fundamental duty of every citizen of India to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform.

Building scientific temper among students and common people is call of the hour. People from all walks of life need to join hands to achieve hundred percent scientific literacy in the country. To increase and strengthen people’s participation in science communication movement and to strengthen the movement itself, Tripura State Council for Science & Technology (A constituent organization of the Department of Science, Technology & Environment, Government of Tripura, India) nucleated ‘Science Forum’ in all the districts of Tripura.    Read More...