Students’ Science Seminar

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Every year, Student’s Science Seminar is organized in Tripura jointly by Tripura State Council for Science & Technology and State Council for Educational Research & Training (SCERT). The seminar is organized on a specific theme selected by National Council for Science Museum (NCSM). School students of class VIII to X can participate in the seminar. The winner at the state level, get chance to participate in the National Level Students’ Science Seminar.

Instruction for Participants

  1. School Students Studying from Class VIII to Class X may participate in the Seminar.
  2. English, Bengali, Hindi or any recognized Indian language
  3. The participant shall make his/her presentation on the given topic for a maximum duration of 6 minutes. This will be followed by a 2 minutes Question & Answer session with the judges on the same topic. Each participant will be asked 3 questions by the judges and the participant should answer any 2 of them within 2 minutes. There will be a written aptitude test for all the participants before the Seminar Starts.
  4. Grading will be done by the Judges (3 in numbers) to be selected by the concerned organizing committee.
  5. Allotment of Marks will be as follows:
      1. Scientific Content in Presentation-            40 marks
      2. Fluency in Speech-                                 25 marks
      3. Ability to answer questions
        1. Written aptitude test                   10 marks
        2. Oral Questions                             10 marks
      4. Novelty in use of Visuals                          15 marks                                                              
                                                        Total   100 marks
  6. Supplementary Visuals: The maximum number of supporting visuals / slides / charts etc. permitted per participant is altogether 5 (five only). The details of these are as given below:
  1. Charts / Posters - maximum size permitted is 850 mm (width) x 600 mm (height). All charts / posters are to be mounted one on top of other, as done in a calendar. One side of the chart / poster is considered as one unit. There should be no pop-ups OR
  2. Slides should be of 35 mm format mounted in plastic frame preferably OR
  3. The size of the over-head projector slides should not be more than A4 size, which could be viewed fully when projected OR
  4. Computer based slides Static (Office 2007 .ppsx& .pptx format) without additional features like animation, pop-ups, rollovers, etc. No interaction within one slide is permitted.